2:30 curfews

lately my life has been generally good. like there’s school- i’m busy with that and then friends and yeah, that’s basically it.
i guess now i’m still trying to make up for what i lost and it feels nice not being tied down to anybody right now. but you know, you always want what you don’t have. 🙂

i don’t feel like blogging much right now so i’ll proli get into the details next time i blog. besides, there’s not much to elaborate man sad.

i’ve been hanging out with this one guy lately and it’s been good and fun and everything it is when a friendship starts out. it feels nice to be giddy again 🙂

king texted me and amiel admitted he liked me. like i didn’t see that coming. so now i’m going to stop talking to him. 😀
and life right no w is good and i want to sleep

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