Black, White & Spikes

Who cares for tears when you can just poke whoever you want with spikey things?
 Been PMS-ing the whole week and honestly just felt like dropping everything altogether this week which explains the lack of posts. On top of everything, I had a lot of preparing to do for my oath taking which is hard to do when you want to rip everyone’s head off.
I’m always falling in and out of these depressive spells of mine and I’m always finding myself anxious of what’s in store for me in the next few months ahead. Oftentimes I think it’s this fire that I have nowhere to put and my fears that if I don’t start now, I’m going to end up stuck.
Sitting in a chair for 9 hours doesn’t make it any better, either.
Headband: Samantha Ypaguirre, Turtle neck dress: Mom; Jacket:Bread and Butter Deluxe ; Stockings: Burlington; Purple flats: SM Department Store
I was pretty suffocated, distraught and let down so I think the turtle neck covered that emotion pretty well.
At my defense towards this, I longed for some sort of security. And since I’ve only depended on myself as my own security blanket, I covered myself pretty well with a jacket and these stockings as a reminder of that.
But even at my downiest of downs, I still wanted my redemption and reassurance that throughout all of this- I will come out a winner. Hence, the purple shoes.
And then there’s my spiked out headband because I will never go down without a fight. I’m always going to fight for what I want and stand by my dreams and aspirations.
That’s pretty deep for clothes, isn’t it?
Some people eat their emotions.
I wear them.
How about you?

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