The best thing I’ve ever done is choosing to be alone or rather to surround myself with people who no longer make me feel so small.

I don’t have to prove myself to people I care about and if they cared about me, I would never have to prove myself to them anyways.  I don’t have to worry about disappointing people because I am not disappointing myself. I’m moving at my own pace and I feel like I’m flying right now.

I’m working on a film, I’m on schedule, I’m setting meetings with clients, I’m playing with my hedgehog, packing for events and reading again. I am at peace because noone is waging a war with me and in return, I am not starting wars with myself.

I get sad sometimes, but sadness is a feeling that hovers around me like a rain cloud but I always sleep it off.

I’m listening to a song that used to make me cry but now it’s just background noise and that means a lot especially for the sentimental loser that I am.

I wake up contented now knowing that I’m living this life for noone but myself whether I am alone or not. I don’t have to worry about hurting anyone or falling short or having my mistakes dangled in my face and that is truly the best part about all of this. 

I am OK. I hope you are all the same.

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