My ideal man is every other girls typical knight in
shinning armor on a white stallion riding up to my castle high up in the sky,
battling dragons and multi headed beasts, saving me from the fortress in the
sky, breaking the evil witches spell and carrying me off into the forest, to
his castle and making me his queen.

you ask me, I call them royal day dreams. Yes, I am a day dreamer and yes, time
and again I do dream of boys and how it would feel to actually be “more than
friends” with one.

If you were to ask me who
my ideal man was, I’d have to say fantasy wise, I’m completely head over heels,
oozing in love with Jonathan Jackson and Adamy Brody, Chad Michael Murray and
all those eye candies on the television but that was completely called for. So lowering
my expectations, physical features wise, (that means cancel the hot hot hot
body of Brad Pitt, gorgeous eyes of Stephen (
Laguna Beach) and etc.) I guess I’m
eternally on the look out for the next best thing, my very own Red Power
Ranger. Lol.

But to be completely
honest, as much as I’d like to stand out among the crowd, I cannot deny that I
am, in every single way just like every other girl. I wake up in the morning, hair’s
a mess, face is unbearable, my room’s always dirty and in my life, there will
always be this boy who I’ll fancy one day and can’t stand to think of the next.
I am very much like that. If you were wondering why well it’s because I simply
think that changing minds is easier than getting hurt. (Note: I fancy them not
get involved with, there’s a difference.) Which leads to my second “I wish my
guy would be”…

I wish my guy wouldn’t hurt
me or at least be there when I was. I want a best friend. And my first wish?
That my Mr. Right ought to be God fearing and he ought to know who he pays
respect to- parents, good friends, etc. I want a guy who’s 100% supportive
unless I try to do something stupid, of course. I want him to be in the front
row of my recitals and in the grand stand during my competitions cheering me
on, win or loose. Sincerity is also a big thing for me, as well. When he says
that he misses me, there’s no other place in the world he’d rather be than with
me. When he says that he’ll be there, he will. And when he finally says those
magic words, he’ll mean it with all his heart and not ever think twice about
taking it back.

Loyal, honest, decent,
intellectual, well- rounded, considerate, sweet, sociable, has a sense of
humor, talented, hard working ambitious… anyone can be all those things and
that’s not a bad thing for me but those aren’t the only reasons that’ll make me
fall. Because I want more than that.

What ever happened to being
serenaded outside your house, being brought flowers and asking for our parents
approval? Technology and the new times will never be a good enough reason for
me. I want a real guy, an “I want to make us work” guy, an “I believe in a
thing called love” guy. Because my mommy always told me that a real guy will
always consider your family if he wants something real and I couldn’t agree

I believe that a real guy
isn’t afraid to cry but when it comes to physical features, definitely someone
who’ll compliment me. But in the end, I guess what really matters to me is that
I’d find someone who would bring out the best in me. Someone who’d motivate me  and give me better reasons to live. Someone
who’d accept me for who I am and who I could turn out to be. I guess all I
really want is a little happiness in the wasteland. I little color, a little
something to smile, laugh, jump and blush about.

But I’m definitely not in a
hurry. If it takes me a little longer than expecting, I wouldn’t mind because I
know that I wasn’t created to be alone forever. He just isn’t here yet, I get
that. Save the best for last, I get that too. But in the mean time, I’m a pink
paperclip princess waiting for my blue paperclip prince to come and outshine
all the others.

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