A Day in the Life

May 3 – May 4, 2007

[around 1 pm]

and some bits from I don’t
know when

       You know how it is when life
just seems really good? Well, it just feels really good to be here. Life has
been nice to me and I, in return try my very best to be good to it as well. I
hope I don’t have PostMS. Lol.

was great. I mean, tennis is really overwhelming. James, Jet and Caesar watched
me play yesterday. They watched both my games, the ones against Audrey [2-8]
and the one against Janna [5-8]. Teaser: SORRY I BEAT YOUR CRUSH, SIR! Haha.
Ok, I’ll stop now. And then we had lunch at Harbor City.
James was really nice to pay for lunch but of course, he was kinda forced to
cuz Jet was REALLY loud. Haha. Well, that’s jet for you. And that’s what you
get for having a credit card and letting your loud cousin know. Haha. Piskot.

        Then we
bought Casey a trophy. Cuz I’m a sweet sister like that. ;] haha. [she got
third place so, yeah. I just felt like getting her a trophy just because she
really deserves it.]

something really random happened:

brought Caesar and James to my grandparents place! I know it doesn’t sound like
much but it WAS random and yeah. Haha. It was fun then we watched Spiderman 3
with the girls.

movie was ok. It was really long and I thought emo peter parker was a load of
bull. Haha. Tobey Mcguire should consider turning gay. He’d be really good at
it. 😛 but yeah, the longest the better, right? :>

night was crazy too. Cuz James had to beg his sister if he could use the car
and he kinda mentioned that he needed to drop his girlfriend home. It never
occurred to me that I could possibly run into her when getting the car and just
like that, she found out. And we’re family friends so yeah, I could get caught
but James said he’d tell her to hush hush.

        I left
all my stuff at my grand rents place so we went back and yeah, guess who was
there? The mother was there! Hmm. Good thing she told me to go home, no
questions asked and she didn’t see ANYTHING. Jesus, I love the way you work in
my life. :>

        I spent
the whole day with him. I just can’t explain it.

        If you
think I had a good yesterday wait til you hear find out what happened today.

        So, I
got into the final round at tennis. I played against Athena Espina, this really
good player from Southcrest. I seriously thought I’d loose cuz yeah, she’s
HELLA GOOD. But yeah, guess who won? 😀 yeah, I can’t believe it either. I
can’t believe I’m the champion for this summer. I mean, wow. Something I
thought I’d never achieve. But yeah, I did. And god, thank you soo much!


        And I
puked after that. It was pretty. Tasted like Alvin’s Mister chips that I ate before
playing. Lol. But I won and wow.


tie break

        I don’t
know if I’m seeing him today though. I guess not but I wish I did. I really
wish I would.

 It’s like I
need you more

And more

Everyday. <3



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