Affordable Waxing in Cebu- No Strips Waxing Salon (Branches, Prices & Services)

I grew up thinking that waxing and getting yourself pampered was more of a luxury than it was a privilege. Spa dates, whole days spent inside salons were not something common in our family and unwanted hair was dealt with by razor and blood. (leave an amen if you’ve ever shaved your skin to the bone!)

Now that I’m a little bit older, services like waxing and threading are a lot more convenient and affordable especially at places like No Strips Waxing Salon. At P100.00, you can already get your eyebrows threaded which means, I no longer have to deal with untamed brows and mean comments like this:

Hilas kay’s ate but in all honestly, she’s not wrong! LOL

By invite, I took a quick trip over to Robinson’s Cybergate, which is 1 out of the 3 branches they currently have open.

I was pleasantly greeted by shades of ruby reds, midnight blues and whites accompanied by British accents which is the interior theme for this branch. During one of the many conversations I had with the owner, Ms. Farrah, she shared that London is the 2nd  place in the world where hair waxing is most common, hence, the theme. The first being New York, which is where their 3rd and newest branch is located.

It was a nice cozy theme which was an interesting alternative from the standard white walls with pastel accents that most salons are accustomed to. It made me feel more laid back and less clinc-y which, I would say, was a nice breath of fresh air.


I was then greeted by their staff, who were one of the most accommodating and entertaining bunch of women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. My session felt like a breeze because we were so immersed in our conversations which was a great pick me up on my part as I really do not enjoy lying down to get work done. I’m so used to doing stuff and lying down makes me anxious but this time around, I barely noticed the time go by.

I was scheduled for lower leg waxing, underarm waxing and eyebrow threading. On my socials, women and men were blasting my inbox asking how my session went and if I was willing to guinea pig myself to their Brazilian waxing service and report back to them with answers. Yes, I will be back and yes, I will tell you about it so make sure to subscribe to my social media account for updates on this.

But in the meantime, here are some things that you should know about the services I got:

1. No Strips Waxing salon uses cold wax that is similar to putty, but is sticky.

2. Each waxing session is followed by a threading session to remove any stray hairs which were not removed by the wax.

3. Even if there isn’t a lot of hair, waxing is still a great way to exfoliate your skin of any dead skin which may cause irritation.

4. Aftercare instructions are given to ensure the best condition of your skin post wax session.

No Strips salon is currently located at Raintree Mall, 2nd floor of Robinson’s Cybergate & Basement 2 of Robinsons’ Galleria.

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For inquiries, email them at:

See you next month,

Issa P.

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