Almost Infinity and Beyond

I swear to God today was like the hottest day in the world and what an unfortunate day to be hot when it just so happens to be the first day of your second semester!

I literally had this going on the whole day…

And no matter how much I tried to make myself look human-like with ALL the make up I had, I still ended up looking like a zombie from the lack of sleep all because our AC is messed up and I had a bad case of the munchies at 1 in the morning.

And then there was the commuting-to-school part which I absolutely dread the most. It makes school sound like a haven on most days but at least I rode with Diana and we split the fair which meant I saved at least 1/4 of my allowance. BIG HELP- you have no idea!

When we got to school I was really unsure if I was happy to see most of the people or if I was completely apathetic since I’ve been seeing their faces for the past 3 years but I love my blockmates no matter what and I know they missed me so I chose NOT to deprive them of the awesomeness that is ISSA.

At Cebu Doctors’ University no day is a chill day. It’s always hectic and literally draining but then I tell myself and everyone else secretly chants this, “1 1/2 years nalang…” and then it’s like what the hell, I don’t care. I can do this!!

So now I’m slowly going to say Good-bye to my sanity because I’ll be consumed in notes, pre and post tests and everything that will be the death me now.

P.S. I’m the hostess for this years Garland ceremony. Yey me!

P.S.S. This blog has benefited me one way or another. My mom happened to catch me writing my blog around the time I complained about commuting and I NEVER HAVE TO COMMUTE AGAIN!!!! 😀 i STILL want my car.


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