Altered To Enhance Clothing (ATE) by Tatah Costales Now Open At The Axis

Every piece of clothing has it’s own story whether from the way it was made, how it was worn or when you wore it. What makes a piece even more special is when it was made to cater and enhance the best parts of your body which is what Altered To Enhance (ATE) has successfully been doing for thousands of Cebuanas.

With clothes-filled racks, you’d think at first that ATE is an off the rack establishment but as you steer your attention around the room, you will find yourself looking at cones of thread, fabric and buzzing sewing machines which is really where all the magic happens! A.T.E.’s high point is their customized or as the name states, altered to enhance services which basically allows you to choose a style that they currently offer, pick out your own fabric and have it fitted properly on your body so you no longer have to worry about loose fitting clothes and even paying extra as it all done within the confines of ATE’s cozy interiors.

ATE first opened their doors a few years ago somewhere along Mabolo and needless to say, every Cebuana just had to their hands on an #atefied piece. It also helps a lot that Cebu’s favorite Ate, Tatah Costales and her team have always been very hands on in assisting their customers making every piece you leave with even more special.

Recently, ATE opened their 2nd branch, located at the second floor of The Axis now making themselves more accessible to us southern Cebuanos and it’s been the best thing ever! Here’s a little sneak peek for anyone who is interested in dropping by:

ATE is my go to place for wedding outfits, formal dress up parties and chic ensembles. Their prices range from P450.00- P1,250.00 depending on the design.

To find out more about them, their designs and operating hours, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

I can’t wait to show you my personal pieces from their collection (soon nalang because #backlogs)

Issa P.

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