ancient history

today was fairly unpredictable which was a good reminder of why I DON’T MAKE PLANS ANYMORE.  haha.

the whole ride to school was agrivating. jan paul and patrick kept teasing me and telling me that hotdogs and chicken nuggets which is soo not true! lol. thank god i didn’t buy anything. [i eat hotdogs for breakfast]

then we had tests in the morning. suprisingly,i got a 24/25 in civics and i didn’t even cheat. being a bitch does kinda improve you. lol. in one way or another.

i remember being completely hot headed today too. i swear i wanted to bitch slap neil for being soo fucking gay. i would punch him if i didn’t care about people hating me. i mean, school is hell enough.

so yeah, then i heard anne gets to give the prophecy for the js prom which was a downer. mornings are not my friends.

around lunch time i was depressed. school was soo boring and i hated being alone. i kinda missed kathya and well, i just missed knowing i had a friend. but there’s nothing i can do about that so, yeah.

hen we had dance practice the whole afternoon.

and.. i’m tired.

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