and once again

not again, issa. when do you ever learn?

and i’ll say it once again, this sucks.

i knew all along that this was going to happen but you know, you secretly wish it didn’t. but yeah, when i happens it’s the perfect time to swim, swim , swim and just pray that you drown and die. yes, i finally have a goal for tomorrow.

1 im not sleeping.
2 im swimming and i’ll be super tired
3 and i’ll die
4 and you’ll love me

i know that you look at her and you look at me and you just say to yourself, she’s not worth it. and the sucky part is, you’re referring to me. hahai. palauwaw lang gyud ka, you know that? lol. rem., we don’t cry on the outside anymore.

what the mother friker. hahai. i can’t take this but i thought i could. i had all the reasons and yet, i still feel bad. lol. im not planning to share cuz it isn’t worth sharring. it was my fault. putting myself out there like i was gonna be aryt. haha. bitch gyud ka, iss. di ka kibaw matagam. atay.

what am i gonna do?

no. i’m getting through this. i will. i am.


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