I really think that my goal of becoming a full pledged girl has reached its actualization.

I’ve been wearing a lot of girl-ier pieces lately and I won’t lie… I like it!

One piece that I’m glad is in style is definitely the skater skirt.

I think that they’re classic pieces and you can’t quite go wrong with them especially in black especially if you’re a color phobe like me.

They’re cute and classy and well, what more could you want in an outfit?

I decided to pair my skater skirt with a lace top to give off a girlier vibe. And since I’m not a big fan of accessories (although I should reconsider), the lace design served as a good understudy.

Top: Thrifted & Forever21 (under)| Belt: YRYS| Skater Skirt: OOTD_Cebu| Gold flats: Old Navy

** I don’t know what up with my angles in these shots. Was in a hurry and asked one of my OJTs to take my outfit shots. Happy birthday, Anne!



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