another day wasted

my days don’t count as much as they used to. now it just feels like i watch each day pass one by one and the more i’m not with him just makes me feel like each day feels more wasted than the other.

school’s been a downer for me and it’s just the second day of the week.i only had 3 classes today and i slept during both and for accounting, well, i would’ve slept but we didnt do anything. i usually fall asleep when there’s actually something to do. and you’d think that for some people [like me] i’d like the fact that we did absolutely nothing at school. i was actually bored of my mind. this not hanging with the guys thing is hard, no doubt. and the whole school too busy caring about bagiuo to care about school shit is just criving me craaaazy.

boo whore, i’m not going to school tomorrow. i’d rather not go through the mood swings i know i’m bound to have if i went. so i guess instead of school i’ll be ra-ta-too-e with the sister for their school thing. hey, i don’t care. i won’t be at school and i’l be with a bunch of 1st graders. omg. james, save me.

you’re on the top of my list, mister.
i want you

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