anti catheterization

it’s been a while since i’ve been able to blog, much more do anything else for that matter. I have videos stalked up in my computer waiting to be edited and posted. Hopefully those’ll get me the final 700 votes i have left to win the bet i made with chabel. but you proli didn’t know that unless you’ve seen my awful videos. HAHA.

there’s nothing going on right now in my life so don’t worry, you’re not missing out on much. in fact, you’re not missing out on anything at all. except the fact that i am helplessly failing at school and that my sister, Kiona, bugs the hell out of me. sometimes i don’t know if i should feel sorry for her or actually show her how annoyed i really am by her! but she’s a kid, so you know… what am i supposed to do? all kids her age are annoying so i think i’ll hold it in for a little bit.

papa won’t let me take her and casey out though. not even to just watch hannah montana and this makes me feel bad because i promised casey that we’d watch it together and i’d rather watch it with her but i need to find something to do with kiona so… i guess i’m going to have to live with the guilt of choosing kiona over casey for.. ever. like how i still feel guilty about making casey spit out that piece of gum she stole from me when she was 3 years old. but that’s old news. stuff like that just doesn’t go away. HAHA

i have to go. catheterization return demo. Nursing should be banned.

i’ll update soon. don’t miss me too much 😡

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