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second day of class and i’m alread tired. but good thing, it wasn’t to .. helfull. but think about it, it’s always fun on the first days of school. give me one week to start hating it again. i know i eventually will. lmao.

we don’t live life just to watch moments pass us by.
soget drunk more often, get high
as much as possible and get lost in the music.
cuz you’re a rockstar, baby

– morning highs

well, first two days are basically orientations and discussions about rules and regulations, demeritts, my best friends. blah blah blah. overrated shit. lmao.

i got placed in T. Jojo’s advisory class. he was all about how he didn’t really wanna be an advisor and shit but how he was happy to have us… nalang? lmao. but i like the fact that i got him as homeroom advisor, he’s pretty cool. lmao. he said he’s changed though. sure. that’s what i thought about myself before school started. well, that was before rodeena slapped me in the face with an, “wa gyud na usab si issa oie.” niice one. though, i have no idea what that was supposed to mean. yes, i have reasons for not talking to peope like her. haha. don’t ask me what that means.i don’t know what it means either. i just know that it sounds cool – at the moment. this will bite me in ass. i know it will.

and i’ve also recently discovered that people have been holding grudges against me. uh oh. hahai. i’m me, people. take it and love it.or leave me alone, thankyouverymuch. lmao.

btw, we have a new bus. it looks like a kao siung bus. uhm, spell check? i know. lmao. well, if you asked me, i liked the original rusty old big yellow bus more though. but this one has air conditionning so, i can’t hate it. lmao.

and all the third years are on the third floor. third floor love. lmao.

of classmates, i’m classmates with kathya. 🙂

classmates with : anne, sam, bianca, krista, mary ann, akki, joan ulgasan, and 5 other girls. hahai.

pev, francis, toshio, kevin, joseph,  mikel, edgar and 1 guy….

dennis – the korean, from korea
jessica – the korean, from royal oaks
christina – the sips girls.
monalisa pableo – theresian love, my darlings.

and that. lmao.

hmmm. we had a mass today. so, school was basically pointless. lmao.

and yeah, the school’s packed with new students. don’t you just LOVE?! hahai. it’s not easy though,i should know. my allergies to freshmen are starting to show. i have pimples all over my forehead now. and this is the first time this’s ever happened. i’m verry, verry scared. lmao.

and carlow, you owe me. i won the bet, thank jesus, i did. lmao.

half day classes til today. been at ayala. i have  a new wish list. uh huh, uh huh 🙂

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