#ATEfied Kimono Wrap Top

And that, my friends, is as creative as I’m going to get in the title making business. Please don’t leave me.

In a previous post I told you guys about Altered To Enhance clothing and now I’d like to show you guys how I wore my favorite piece to date (not just from ATE but everrr).

Wrap tops are not my favorite which is a dumb thing to say given the fact that I’ve never owned any in my entire life but the concept of it just seems like a lot of work. I never liked the thought of any garment cupping my boobs which is basically why I stayed as far away from it as possible but when I saw this top on the racks of ATE’s newest boutique at The Axis, I just couldn’t resist.

There was just something about the structure and flowyness (not a real word) of this top that called out to me compelling me to even bother to put it on my body. Sometimes I’m a little bit more judgmental of clothing and will not even bother to put a piece on if I feel the slightest bit of uncertainty. Having to take your shirt off is A LOT of work. But I’m glad I did which should tell me to follow my own advice once in a while. TRY ON CLOTHES.

Everything about this top was perfect- the billowy sleeves, the subtle fall of the neckline that says, “I’m here… but am I, really?” and the faint kiss of blue that yes, matches my hair. But that’s a completely different story.

My culottes are also from ATE which  perfectly matches my top but you can already see that.

Where would I have to go to wear this outfit? Someone please invite me out so I can wear this outfit somewhere!

Thanks, ATE. All my love!

Issa P.

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