AzTec- AzToc


I’ve been investing a lot in matching sets lately mostly because it saves me a lot of time deciding what to wear and it’s great for making a statement when you don’t really have the time (or in my case, the willpower) to look dressed to kill.

Also, my Chinese side gets such a kick out of these purchases  because it’s like I’m investing in two pieces rather than spending the same amount on just one piece. It’s such a budget saver!



Bag: Ecko Red


Crop top & Maxi skirt: Let’s Stylize

1555375_706542499440467_4829622215499039435_n (1)




Rings: Forever 21



 The material of this maxi skirt is a very soft kind of cotton which means, I had to very specific when choosing out my underwear. Luckily, Zalora has a wide selection of underwear to choose from and the seamless panty I bought did the trick!

You can find more of their collection here:

Wishing everyone a happy weekend!



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    1. lool! DID YOU NOT KNOW IT WAS A SET? hehe. silly you haa!

      I forgot to credit you! I will edit nya.

      Thanks for always helping me out, Anything Goes by Jean C Yu hahahaha

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