baby, just say goodnight

baby, i was just mistaken.

ignore each other & look the
other way;
but they both know
deep down inside,
that it wasn`t
supposed to end this way

i feel for myself. lol.

ok, i’m better now. i’m
better with eveyrthing. and i’m not sorry that it took a few tears to
get to this level of, “i’m okness”.

i’ve finaly done something progressive this week!! 😀 i covered my books! i’m
mucho proud of myself for that. lmao.

i estimatedly swim a good 1000 meters in 2 hours. do you think i’m ready? lol.
love and allelu promised to buy me a fish if i won novice. well, i hope that i
win at least ONE! lmao. i’ve been swimming my ass off. i just hope. yawn. i
lack sleep gyud.

yesterday, after swimming, i had to go back to celebrity and meet up with kuya
peegee to give him my phone. it’s broken again. shucks. and i had to pay
shitloads for it. hahai. and at that point, i knew that tanan was guba.
TALAGANG GUBA NA GUBA na TALAGA >< and at that point, i was up to my second and hopefully final breaking point and i couldn’t take it gyud, so i skipped swimming at 4 and went to chab’s.

haha. they we’re covering their books and i’m proud to say, i learned how to cover my books too. 😀 mother, aren’t you down proud of me? lmao.


swimming, again

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