Bang On

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to all of us for slowly making #bangonph a reality, for being great Filipinos (despite the political warfare) and for mostly putting others before ourselves. We truly are a great group of people!

Second, HATS OFF (not gloves) to boxing legend MANNY PACQUIAO for an awesome display of skill, determination and not to mention, perspiration! You did more than just win fights, you give this country something to look forward to and be proud of. #ikawna . haha


How do you like my new look? Is it ban(g)kable?

Ok, I can seriously think of a hundred and one puns to my new look. I love it!

In my desperate need for a change, I decided to get my bangs on instead of getting a pixie cut. I’m glad I made that decision because bangs are a lot to work with already but a short bob takes a lot of maintenance especially when you try to grow it out.

Paolo says I look more like a “fashion blogger” now… whatever that means.

My advise when opting for full bangs is to talk with your stylist first. I did not know this, but apparently, there are different types of “full” bangs (who would’ve known!). My stylist decided to give me a slightly messy, chopped cut that’s long enough to sweep to the side in case I don’t want it hanging in my face. So far, so good. Very little maintenance except when I need to pat in down in place.

Glasses: SM Department Store| Peplum top: Forever21| Pants: Tiangge Find (top and pants from Lorraine. Thank you!)| Wedges: 168| Versace inspired necklace: issa4sale| Watch: iWatchz

I think this look totally gave my new look some justice. It was the exact amount of spunk and spice that I wanted without going full on goth or bad ass. Plus, it was event appropriate since I wore this outfit to a press conference which I organized.

Yes, for whoever wants to hire me for events, I’M YOUR GIRL! 😉

My only fashion advice for this look is to be extra careful when wearing peplum tops with pants. The hinge of the Peplum is meant to be at the waist and if the hem of your top is too short, you can have a massive case of camel toe. No one wants to see that.

Ultimately, I would prefer wearing tops like this with shorts or a skirt but whatever, I’m not the boss (yet).

So there’s that piece of advice and also, when wearing maroon colored anything, opt for darker colors (except white). That’s pretty much it.

Gotta skidaddle, must get ready for family picture day!

Ta ta,


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