Banker Stripes and Being A Little Bit More Feminine Than Usual

Over the past months, I’ve been getting invited to more and more events which isn’t exactly a good thing for my backlogs unless I am extra vigilant with my postings. Having said this, I think I’m going to have to update Issaplease more often so please expect multiple postings within a day.

For today’s 2nd post, I’ll be sharing what I wore to yesterday’s event for Sushi Boy Japanese Inspired Restaurant. Truthfully, I only bought this top because I wanted to featured it in this video and I was hoping to never have to wear it again mostly because it’s a tube top and God knows I hate my big fat arms.

However, the lack of clothes (I have 2 XL trash bags of unwashed clothes. HELP!) pulled me into wearing this banker striped tube top which surprisingly worked well with a chiffon cardigan I had lying around- also another piece of clothing I thought I would never actually wear again. So surprisingly, the clothes I actually tried to stay away from actually helped me create a soft, feminine and beautiful look. Surprise, surprise!

I paired them with my light pink (?) pointy heels because I could not and still cannot find my white ones and well, I guess it all worked out pretty well.

Needless to say, I am in love with this outfit and along with lots of other things I’ve realized about myself over the past months, I have also learned to embrace the fear of the unknown and just jump into it- even or especially in terms of fashion. I mean, come on, they’re just clothes.

Cardigan & Banker Striped Dress: Gaisano Grand (Car-car)

Heels: Hm| Hair: Bridges

Yes, I shop at Gaisano (AND I LOVE IT!),

Issa P.

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