basement 2 is <3

ok. today was good. it was really good. haha. i loved today. my god, i love everyda i get to spend withhim.

my god, i need a face lift.

so i got to san case today thinking it would be just be a regular day of tennis. you know, the rounds. blah blah. but no. i was shocked to see the place packed with tennis obsessed people. thank God, i’m not SUPER addicted. these people actually spend every last cent they have to pay. luckily, i have my parents to do that for me. hehe. but yeah, so i thought Headpenn would be like, tomorrow or something but then, NO. it was TODAY. HOLY FUCKING SHIT, IT WAS TODAY! and i wasn’t feeling it at all. hell, i haven’t felt like doing anything at all these past few days so i decided not to join. i’ll wait for Gullas. They have shirts to give out. that way, loosing wont feel soo crummy. haha. i’m beginning to remember how it feels before a competition. scared and hungry. haha. but yeah, whatever. i have a week to get ready. Please let me be busy. i don’t wanna join any competitions anymore. not anymore. i’d rather go to church or something. seriously andi  mean that in the nicest way.

had lunch with Justinne. talked to her over and over again about her dumping Alvin because it just wasn’t workingout. Alvin is an ass and i really do mean it. everyone can tell. and because Justinne couldn’t i was very determined to make her see the beautiful neon lights. lol.

i love neon lights. or the thought of it.

i went to sacred heart with james today. he had to bring their workers lunch and i just decided to tag along. just because i could andi knew i wouldn’t get caught. they never look for me around lunch time. haha.i wonder why. HAHA. sacred is REALLY big and not to mention REALLY far, too. but i enjoyed the ride going there. for some reason, we were both really excited by the car shop we passed filled with tons of beetle cars. those things really turn me on. HAHAHA. eww. i did NOT just say that. haha.

and then we had some basement 2 fun. haha. you figure it out.

then yeah, justinne cried. we helped.

diggul happened. odd, odd. i hated it. he’s on my list of people to avoid now. lol. ok,i don’t actually have one but i am avoiding a few people. including larry. idk. tennis guy. weird. i knew he was starring earlier. good thing i’m NOT joining headpenn. i’d have to hang around him. ew.

anyways,i have to go.


i think i scared bic earlier. and just so you know, i’m sorry and i didn’t mean it. i don’t know why you’d think i’d ever consider anyone else but you. i mean, no one and let me say it again no one can make me as happy as you’ve made me. why aren’t we official yet, babe? haha. no pressure though.i just think you should get it over with, yeah? anyways.. yeah. i don’t need anyone else, ok?imean you know all the things i’ve done and all the things i’ve stopped doing since i’ve been wuth you and honestly, i like living this way.. i don’t want it to end. andi just really hope you won’t feel that i would ever replace you because that’s not going to happen, you mean too much to me and i’m not going to waste this. ever. i love you. you know that. and i know that you can tell. I KNOW YOU KNOW BECAUSE YOU CAN TELL THROUGH…. hahaha. we’ll talk about it later .

let’s hold on for life’s sake.
shake, quake, ache, bake.


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