Bayhana| Trying Out Different Work Outs


HAPPY 2020! Our Bayhana is back and facing the new year with new goals!Watch her find out what her ideal work out is and hopefully find out what work out is best for you, too!Special thanks to Zink, Love Yoga World Store, @polesphinx and South Side Fitness To find out more about these establishments and their services- make sure to join the Bayhana conmunity group.What are your new year's resolutions?🙇‍♀️: Issaplease

Posted by BAI TV on Wednesday, January 8, 2020

For the start of the year, I decided to try out different work outs because I wanted to see which was the best one for me.

I’ve always been the sporty type but I’ve never invested on a gym membership because it always felt impractical but I really wanted to get into something this year and so this video came to life.

I hope you like it and I apoligize for not doing this sooner. lol.

Issa G.

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