Being Cooked Alive in Samboan, Cebu- Cebu’s ONLY Kawa Hot Bath

Am I getting better at naming my blog entries or what? Heck, if click bait works…

I haven’t really gotten around to posting ANY of my travel blogs/ vlogs until last night when I decided to just get it over with. Note to self, do NOT try to edit a vlog while drinking with friends… you will f*ck up. In this case, forget which file you edited with the right background music and end up uploading the WRONG file. haaay. But anyways…

Paolo & I made a trip down South a couple months ago to visit Cebu’s only Kawa Hot Bath. It’s about 5 hours away from the city which you would think would be excruciatingly and painstakingly long but is surprisingly fun, given that you’re with people who don’t drive you insane.

It was one of those weneedtogetoutofthecityandspendsomeQT surprise trips so if you’re hoping for prices & useful information unfortunately, I don’t have any of that. But I have pretty semi decent photos! #thatssomething

Fantasy Lodge houses Cebu’s first and only kawa hot bath which otherwise can be found in┬áTibiao, Antique. Just by the looks of it, the kawa is literally an over-sized pot which is used to help one relax and unwind by having one sit in it while it is filled with water, essential oils and flowers. All throughout the process, the heat is monitored and kept at a certain heat so you need not worry about being overcooked while you’re in there (haha).

For more valuable information, check out their Facebook page.

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