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I’ve always had a fascination for bandeau bikini tops because they look so easy to wear and they don’t leave you with a weird tan line that you have to explain again and again to your friends. Being on the petite but bustier side, finding the right bandeau top has always been quite of a challenge that I’ve had to face. Also, if you do your research, you will discover that bandeau’s aren’t made for my body type and function better on smaller chested women.

But I have learned a thing or two in my search for the perfect bandeau top and I’ve realized that the tube types that come with straps are my favorite kinds so far. With bikini tops like this, I do not have to keep pulling them up while I’m swimming and they don’t expose any boobage that I don’t want anyone to see. However, when I do plan to do more activities while in a bikini, you will definitely find me in a halter top.


  • Like any piece of clothing, swim suits are definitely one of the top things you should invest in along with your unmentionables especially because swim suits are your lingerie that everyone can see so you want to make sure that you keep what should be hidden… hidden.
  • Opt for spandex or neoprene pieces that┬ádon’t get ruined easily and are easy to maintain and make sure to run them through water after you take a dip. This prevents bleeding of any colors that might be on your bikini thus making it last a lot longer.


  • Fit your bikinis before you buy them and make sure you can move around in them with ease- try sitting, raising your arms up and probably bending over to get that good range of protection. Opt for protection first and design second. What use is a cute bikini when you’ll get covering yourself half the time?
  • Try bikinis that you can mix and match. One of the best things I’ve ever gotten were black bikini bottoms because I can pair┬áthem with anything! I’m a medium on top and a small on the bottom so this also helps me when dealing with mismatched sizes.


  • Consider your tan line.
  • Be confident in your bikini of choice. Own it, rock it. BAHALA NA ANG BILBIL!

Bikini top: Lulu Ef/ @lulu_ef Bikini bottom: Department store brand


Happy basking,


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