Birds Of A Feather



I’ve always wanted a skirt like this, it’s what I always imagined fancier and more refined women would wear to have afternoon tea while they talked about their husbands and the struggles of being trophy wives. Not to imply that I dream of one day becoming a 1. wife, 2. house wife or 3. trophy wife (not that there’s anything wrong with these things) but more of me being surprised that a complete tomboy like me would actually find the guts to wear one.

You can tell that articles of clothing like this are so foreign to me that I actually have this skirt on backwards! Remember ladies: rough side goes on the back, smooth side goes in the front. *face palm*





Deciding what to wear with stand out pieces like this are often tricky which is why, as a rookie, I decided to keep it safe and pair it a plain black one piece top from Forever 21.

The fact that this piece carries a lot of colors makes pairing it other pieces so much easier- I’m looking forward to wearing this again soon with a red or a royal blue chiffon top… and then maybe I can throw on some heels and gobble down a big fat burger.

 I’m sorry if I’m having a hard time taking myself seriously right now, obviously, this isn’t my area of expertise. I’m finding myself in a weird place where I want to grow up and blossom into the woman I am meant to be but at the same time, boots, t-shirts and palazzo pants will always be my choice of comfort dressing. #growingpains


On a more familiar side, always thankful for Let’s Stylize lessening my woes. Make sure to check out their new collection from Bangkok!



 P.S. I contemplated on naming the entry “I Wanna See Your Peacock” but decided to be a good girl and save my shenanigans for Talk Back Thursdays. Yep, Issa Perez, (that’s meeee) being inappropriate since 2010. You’re welcome 😉

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