black out


so the party last night was pretty awesome. except the fact that i got totally wasted and puked on the tables and made out with diggul and kim [again] and arden [yeah the crazy bitch grabbed my head and started kissing me. she scares me when she’s drunk]. this makes my kiss count: 10. then we somehow ended up in vudu and idk, i just saw a lot of random pictures with people that i do NOT remember at all. not even a single bit. haha. my idea of a perfect saturday night.

then we got to chab’s at like 2:30 and got someone who we found online on facebook to drop us food cuz we were so hungry! haha. and now i’m broke 🙁

oh yeah, i got into a fight with Adrian Lua too. cuz he bitched at me for being drunk again and idk, iguess i got ticked off because he doesn’t have the right to get mad at me cuz he’s been an asshole to me since before pa. so nag away mi and i found out it was his birthday – CLASSIC!!

i have school tomorrow and i didn’t even bother to write notes. i love this.

update soon

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