[Blog& Vlog] Gibbs’ Hot Wings Opens In Central Bloc, IT Park


Everyone’s favorite chicken wings place has finally built a new home, one easier to access at that! Gibbs’ Hot Wings, a homegrown business that has steadily been growing since they first opened in 2014 (in their house, at that!),  is now moving on to their second branch (technically their third but their home branch has been turned into their commissary).

Within an easier reach from the metro, snugly situated at the Central Bloc of the IT Park, Gibbs’ Hot Wings’ newest branch has so much to offer their eager patrons such as new menu items, an awesome new ambience, 24 hour operating times with the same great taste that we all know and love!

They’ve also recently partnered up with Honestbee, making it easier to get our hands on their awesome dishes even in the comforts of their own homes.

check out their new look:

Their newest offering: level 6 wings!

Sausage Mac & cheese





new item: nachos

I also want to take this moment to brag. :p My business, H&S Clothing, also co- designed and produced their uniforms for not only their newest branch but their existing branches , as well. I am so so proud!!


Find out more about Gibbs’ in the following links:

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See you there,
Issa P. <3

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