Breakfast Selections at Circa 1900’s, Circa Dos

I’m not a huge fan of grand breakfasts for the main reason that I have the most unfortunate allergy on the face of the earth- I’m allergic to eggs which immediately makes the most important meal of the day a whole lot less eventful. Although I may not be a fan of waking up early and eating something that could potentially harm me, I am however, a big fan of hanging out with my girlfriends especially if it’s with an amazing view!

Circa 1900’s more millennial and up beat counterpart, Casa Dos (located in the same vicinity), is complete with Colonial architecture and interior, a pool and garden view, a wine and tapas lounge and now an interesting breakfast menu on top of their already existing food selections making them the top choice for anyone who’s looking for a good place to start the day.

Circa Dos’ breakfast menu may seem short but it is certainly not limited. They’ve created a good mixture of food meant to help you be fit, allow you to indulge, explore the intriguing tastes of organic plates or perhaps enjoy a classic pinoy breakfast and even eat your heart out to a hungry breakfast platter- which is how Circa Dos’ has categorized their selection. They also have a few interesting side dishes such as crocodile tocino & ostrich tapa!

ORGANIC. 2 fresh organic eggs served with thick cut wholemeal toast- P185.00

FIT. Sliced fresh tropical fruit with honey & strawberry citrus dip – P 195.00

PINOY. Fried eggs and garlic rice with choice of 2 items, homemade beef tenderloin tapa, longaniza, homemade chicken tocino or danggit – P 270.00

HUNGRY. Eggs any style with hash browns, beef sausage, bacon, saute garlic mushrooms, roast tomato & toast- P375.00

INDULGE. English muffin with salmon garvlax & cream scrambled eggs – P 315.00

SIDES. Crocodile tocino – P 295.00

SIDES. Ostrich Tapa – P 295.00

Make sure to go with friends and to make as many memories as possible <3

Check out my friends: Ron, Keisee, Jean & Marianna

Find out more about them on Facebook and on their official website!

Til the next,

Issa P.

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