Bridal Diaries: Our Wedding Vows

Hi Everyone! Sharing with everyone our wedding vows/ SDE.

If you’ll notice, there are two videos- the first one (Our Wedding Video) is by our videographer, James Jayson Ty. Since we were not allowed to exchange our personal vows at the church, I requested that James include them in our SDE. But actually, I had something else up my sleeve… I had secretly made my own vows, compiling old videos that I had kept of me and Paolo.

I wrote my vows a day before the wedding because the typical overthinking self of mine overthought the vows until it sucked the life out me! But luckily I remembered a blog post I had written was I was younger and I couldn’t help but share it on our wedding day.

I hope you like it and that it gives you inspiration if you’re a bride to be, as well!

Issa G.

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