Budget Shopping @ WeDo Shop

Every woman’s weakness is a good shopping trip specifically when it involves the words bargain, sale, discounts, everything must go (this one is the best!) and the like. Throw in even more special words like American/ Korean/ Brand New and you’ve just created a lethal combination of words we cannot resist. So allow me to make a combination of words that I know a lot of you ladies (and even men!) will fall for:

Discounted +Brand New + Korean Items (++ make up, fashion, household items & more!)

you’re welcome.


WeDo Shop is a Korean lifestyle brand with 7 existing outlets in Manila and 1 at the Talamban Times Square right here in Cebu.

They boast of affordable Korean products from make up, fashion items, household fixtures/ decorations and other quirky items for as low as P49.00- imagine the possibilities!

So whether you’re hoping to stock up on your personal supply of beauty regimens or if you’re looking for cheap yet cute gift alternatives, WeDo should be on top of your list.

I helped myself to their counter of nail polish and some other beauty items which I’ll be posting on my Instagram within the week so make sure to follow me there!










WeDo Shop is located at 2nd floor of The Talamban Times Square and is open from 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM on weekdays & 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM on weekends.

Follow them on Facebook for updates/ inspiration 😉


And when you’re done shopping, drop by Munch Bistro on the third floor to fill your stomachs!

Good luck to your wallets,

Issa P.

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