buon giorno, Manolo

i ran into james today at school. Of course, i pretended not to see him because that’s what i do. pretend not to see a lot of people just so i don’t have to fucking small talk. But unfortunately, Francis saw me and eventually called me and sooner or later, made me talk to james. I mean, i have nothing against james. I love james. He was my boyfriend for two fucking years!!! But then francis grabbed my hand and put it on his leg and i swear to god, i wanted to break down. Becaise he was there, in front of me, and all i wanted to do was hold him because i miss him so much. I miss what we had and i wish, i just wish that i could have all the good times we had, with someone else.

I miss being someone’s girlfriend.

Earlier, i saw this couple kissing in front of me and i wanted to rip their heads off or even shoot them the way i would do i resident evil because i didn’t have that.

I’m tired of not belonging to someone and always ending up making out with the next guy just to FEEL for the slightest moment like someones.

why do i even care about relationships?

My stupidity is beyond me.

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