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I’m not a food blogger, but I know my burgers (and pizza and steaks and potaoes and corn…). Paolo’s first birthday gift to me was an entire box of 4 cheese pizza from Yellow Cab; on our first date as a couple, I ordered a Cheese burger from Dong Juan; on out of town trips, I always have someone bring me back a burger and if mashed potatoes in a box were decent, we’d probably have them everday. Yep, that’s the kind of people we are.

Last Decemeber, I went to Manila to eat burgers. Unintended, of course but boy, did I eat a lot of burgers in a span of a week! And every chance I get, i’m always tasting new ones regardless of how affordable or pricey it is. Yes, I’ve tried Angel’s and Minute Burger; Yes, I’ve had the McDonald’s black and white burger even if I haven’t been to HK yet and it was only available there and yes, I did get a giant burger for my birthday. So what I’m really trying to say here is:

Burgers are my life, people. It’s not just a quick snack on the way home… It’s the main course!

So far, the top places on my list are: 8 cut burgers (Manila), Kri (Dumaguette), Backyard Burgers (Bacolod) and finally, Fat Cow here in Cebu City.

It is important that I make it apparent to you as early as now that I am a no frills type of burger eater. In the exemption of BB’s, I like my burgers based on the perfect blend of the right bun (even if I highly dislike bread), basic condiments, a quality seasoned patty made of course from good meat, and your everyday tomatoes, onions and lettuce. Oh, and cheese. LOTS OF CHEDDAR CHEESE. Burgers with fancy sauce just don’t cut it for me, they seem more like fancy sandwiches which is why I have been finding it so hard to find a local burger place to love here in the metro.



On one of our take out adventures, Paolo and I decided to try out Fat Cow located in BTC. I’ve been hearing mostly good reviews in the past year but since we live in the South, Fat Cow hasn’t really been a top priority to us. But boy am I glad that I suddenly got cramps in the middle of the car ride home which required immediate soothing thus, landing us there.


(Angus Burger P230.00)

In the 4 years that Paolo and I have been together, nothing has ever come close to his Charlies Grind and Grill angus burger but FINALLY, he has made room in his heart to a close 2nd. Priced at P230.00, it made me appreciate how awesome burgers were again after a long time of force feeding myself with generic tasting patties.


(Bacon Cheeseburger P190.00)

It if were up to me, I would’ve just ordered a cheese burger but since Paolo did the ordering, I landed with a Bacon Cheeseburgr instead. I’ve had bad experiences with these kinds of burgers because I can either not taste the patty because of the bacons overpowering saltiness or I end up not tasting the bacon at all because of the patty but this burger was just the right blend of everything and i’m going to exaggerate a little and say, it created a beautiful harmony in my mouth. Also, i. really.loved.that.patty.and.the.lettuce.was.not.soggy!!

Fat Cow isn’t one of those bang for buck burgers because honestly, it’s quite a pricey burger. With individually priced burgers ranging from P150.00 up, you’d still have to pay an additional P100.00 for a drink and fries. We opted out because 1. I wasn’t ordering, 2. Paolo thinks it’s high time we went on a diet. (As if not having fries would make any difference. Ha!)

With the well known fact that it is a bit of an expensive burger, I’ll still tell you that it’s a burger I would pay good money for! If I wanted a cheap burger, I’d go to McDonald’s and if you wanted something greasy and worth your money, Paolo would take you to Burger Joint. But so far, I’m feeling pretty accomplished and I can finally say that I have a favorite burger place in Cebu. FINALLYYYYY!!

Fat Cow is located at the Banilad Town Center. Find out more about them HERE

Til our next food adventure!

Issa (and Paolo)

P.s. I’ve decided to do more food blogs which will most likely involve Paolo because he knows food waaay more than I do. So let me know what you guys think of our new collab which I haven’t really told him about yet. Hihihi

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