but it’s better if you do

Sometimes I think that I’m not any good at all

And sometimes I wonder why
Why I’m even here at all

But then You assure me

I’m a little more than useless

And when I think that I can’t do this

You promise me that I’ll get through this

And do something right

Do something right for once

was going through random xanga’s when i read this. idk, it’s interesting. lol


1. we dig axe – well, i like the commercials. does that count? i like the way james smells more though. lol.
2. we’re as afraid of you as you are of us – haha. i am SOO NOT afraid of guys!!
3. we try to impress you most of the time – i beg to differ.
4. we flirt a lot if we like you  -hahahaha. no we don’t. or do we?
5. we flirt a lot period -well, i only flirt with the ones worth flirting with [JAMES. PERIOD]
6. the one thing we like more than you, are shoes -and candy!
7. we dont understand “guy talk” – OMG. BIG LIE!!

8. we LOVE hugs – hell yeah.
9. we hate it when you’re ignorant -because it’s soo hard to keep explaining things to you. or that just means we have to be more expressive about the things we want cuz you guys don’t get it the first time. hahaha.
10. we’re not that girly, at all -amen. amen!!

11. we hate hardcore action movies -not all the time.
12. we giggle 24/7 -giggle? haha. no.
13. we are scared of almost anything -YES!
14. we don’t always like the “tall dark and handsome” guy -although you kinda are.
16. you see our xanga layouts? its our 865412875th one -YEAH!
17. we ALWAYS think we’re fat, ALWAYS – yeah 😐
18. our personalities change in highschool – hmm. i guess. maybe. maybe not.
19. we have celebrity “boyfriends”  (in our minds) lol -haha. mine’s jonathan jackson and chad michael murray 😀
20. we’re scared of clowns -NO! i just get annoyed by them.
21. and we’re scared of the dark -i like the dark :>
22. and were scared of spiders – YEAH! but tarantulas are cool.
23. we HATE horror movies – NOT TRUEE!!
24. we dont try not to be sluts, we just ARENT -what?
25. we take things a lot more serious then it seems -yeah. or maybe not.
26. we run around our house in baggy shirts and our underwear -YES!! I LOVE THIS.
27. during sleep overs, we talk about the guys we’d go all the way with -yeah. and you’re that guy for me <3
28. we arent athletic – yes, we are!!
29. we trust you more than our girl friends – sometimes.
30. we are conceited, we just dont like to admit it  -hahaha. maybe 😀
31. we cover ourselves in foundation -no we don’t
32. no matter how nice we are, we CAN be bitches (dont’ piss us of) -yeah.
33. we love being scared -no we don’t.
34. cuddling is our specialty – yes 😀
35. we LOVE cars and know EVERYTHING about them -well, i love cars buit i don’t know EVERYTHING about it.

36. we hate a lot of people – oh, def.!
37. we cat fight -hardly. not at my school.
38. we scream when were mad  – ALL THE TIME!!
39. we don’t squeal when we break a nail – who seriously does that?!
40. we BREAK things down when were mad – hahahahaah.
41. we love to talk about our boobs -no we don’t.
42. the food in expensive restaurants always taste better -mcdo rocks all the way. HAHA
43. bubble baths sooth us – yes. and i’d love one with you 😀
44. when we dont know what to say on the phone, we sigh – hahah. i say hai nako.
45. we are serious people…most of the time – most of the time.
46. our hair makes up who we are -no!!!

47. we eat everything – everything. so true.
48. we hate cartoons – i love them!
49. our cell phones are our best friend – yeah and cameras!
50. we love the color pink
-no, not really.

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