butterflies and everything

i hope you know that when i said that
we were over
i meant it

omg, prom was beautiful.

ok, i’ll narrate what i can in full details.

so, me, papa, casey and miguel had a very big breakfast at Jollibee. I had pancakes and that longganisa meal that i only got cuz my papa told me to. lol. There we talked about everything . anything. i told him how everyone was excited for prom and that it wasn’t a big deal for me cuz i don’t know, i just wasn’t that excited for it. but it was the exact opposite of what i expected. it was glamorous and i loved it.

i went to the parlor at around 11:30 because the stupid bayot said that he had to work on my hair. my concept was that, he needed alot of time to beautify such an ugly canvas. haha. but suprisingly, it took shorter than expected. i was home by 2 with terrible archie andrew eyebrows and a weird up do. plus, i was soo sleepy. and i couldn’t lie down cuz i would ruin my hair and i couldn’t  eat either cuz well, i didn’t have any lipstick and i’d hate having to go to a wondeful prom with my purple lips. so i starved myself. lol. no, i ate small oranges.

francis picked me up at around 6. talked to papa and i was to be home by 2. strictly 2. not 2:01. 2.

i was quiet at first. i hated being all made up. it made me feel.. ugly. and made up. i don’t like it when people see me like that. that’s not me. but whateve. anyways, so i was quiet at first. we went to IT Park  for the bus that we ended up not riding and  yeah.

i bet my pictures were horrible. i don’t want to see them. no, thank you. lol.

then we ate, watched the slide shows and shit. twas fun.

then the disco thinggy came. omg, that was awesome. diggul is like my dream dance partner  and bel too. those boys can dance.  francis wouldn’t dance man gud and i wasn’t planning on just sitting there, watching people dance because i have to be the people. that’s my nature. lol.

francis decided that we’d go to shang and hang out which was fun.  the way home was better. arms around my waste, butterflies and  everything. that boy just needs to loosen up. he’s such an old soul but i will always remember last night. foreber <3

btw, i got one of the corsage thinggies. beautiful. <3

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