Cafe Noriter

Cafe Noriter. Where I only had an espresso shot. -.-

It’s totally still blog worthy, right? Despite me ONLY having an espresso shot. Sorry, it was just one of those days.

Cafe Noriter is one of those secret hideout places that you wanna keep a secret but unfortunately, cannot. It’s soo unique with their bunk cubicles and private sheds that it kind of reminds me of the tree I’ve always wanted as a kid.

It is such a quirky place to go and hang out with friends and family and if the set up won’t amuse you, I’m sure the little notes and jokes plastered all over their walls will!

Although I only had their espresso shot, I’ve heard from a friend or two that their other drinks aren’t “to die for” and if you’re not into the Korean blend, then you might want to stick to something more familiar.

But nevertheless, there’s always something for everybody!

I only had an espresso shot because if you didn’t already know, I can’t have too much sweets and plus, my friends showed up too late to catch the last order. (It was their soft opening so operations ended early)

I promise to make an update next time we go back, hopefully with more food and drinks this time! 🙂



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