Can 24 Year Old’s Still Wear Crop Tops?

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What do sick girls do to kill time? We blog. I’m probably supposed to be in bed right now but I’ve been so unproductive for the past 2 days that I just wanna get up and run a marathon or something. Ugh. Thank God for back logs!

Here’s something that I wore a couple of weeks ago before I recolored my hair and thought that showing off my┬ábra-strap was acceptable. It’s not, but I did it anyways. **arrest me**

2015-08-28 05.39.48 2

2015-08-28 05.39.44 2

2015-08-28 05.39.43 1

Crop top: Forever 21| Darth Maul necklace: Lilila Primitive Art| Shorts: Department Store Find| Sneakers: Adidas Superstars

This is probably why I’m so sick, because I forgot to put clothes on in this insane weather… -.-

AND YES! 24 year old’s can wear whatever the heck we want!

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