can you f’in make pizza like me?!

so bitches, you wanna learn how to make pizza?
step 1:

get some dough [not the money kind]

Step 2:

spread the sauce evenly around the dough
[again, not money, i’m talking about the pizza dough]

Step 3:

put cheese
[make sure you spread it all over. you might end up with a cheesless slice like mine.]

Step 4:

add the sliced ham pieces [7 on the outside and 3 on the inside. sop]

Step 5:

then you add the sliced pineapples.
finally, in any way you like!

Step 6:

then you cook / whatever it and pray to god it tastes good!

step i lost count:

open wiiiide. 😀

i’m gross, i know. but you love me anyways?????

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