Cebu Nightlife: The Tavern, 90’s Rock Themed Bar

If you’re a child of the 90’s then you probably know the value of a good drink whether it be neat, on the rocks, mixed or inside a nice cold bottle after a long day of workAnd don’t get me wrong or anything, but I personally prefer my night caps or night outs for that matter, far away from anyone below 21 or from someone who thought Hannah Montana was a real rock star. Image result for emoji

I had stopped checking out the local bar scenes because everywhere seemed too posh or too techno (is that even what that music is?) when all I really wanted was a place where I could drink my Red Horse, while listening to music I actually liked, around people I voluntarily choose to see after working hours. For a while it was in the pleasures of our own home but let’s be honest, sometimes it feels kind of good to get out of the house and eventually run into some good old friends- enter  The Tavern .

Located on the 2nd floor of Queensland Manor, The Tavern is home to 90’s rock music or just good music in general. Aside from the killer ambiance, they also serve food and drinks at extremely affordable prices and if you’re looking for a familiar face, you are sure to run into someone there!

Billiard tables, free to play!

At a glance at their menu, their prices are definitely enough to get me intrigued. Dinner with friends and then “a couple of drinks” after seems highly possible here, including pica- picas to feast on while catching up with good company.

Unfortunately, I was not able to sample their food but if you ever do, feel free to leave a comment below!

BYOG. Bring Your Own Greens. lol

I downed a couple of Amaretto sours which has been my go to drink whenever I’m feeling a little girlier than usual. I would totally recommend it to anyone who gets intimidated by mixed drinks especially the one’s at The Tavern!


The Tavern can also be booked for private events and functions. For table reservations, inquiries and etc. Feel free to contact (032) 344 2717

For more updates, make sure to follow them on Facebook!


Rock on,
Issa P.

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