Cebu Travel Leaders Night with Cebu Pacific- We’re Going To Palawan!!

Sometime in November, a collection of content creators each with their own niches, gathered in celebration of life, the world and creating a positive effect for the future.┬áThe Cebu Travel Leaders Night was a fun night filled with food, games and fellowship plus- an amazing surprise at the end of the night which you’ll find out after scrolling down.

The event was held at Balay sa Busay, a quaint little restaurant found on top of Cebu’s beautiful mountains with an amazing view and amazing food which is perfect for those looking for a quick release from the city with friends and family.

Cebu Fashion Bloggers: Jean Yu, Ronah, Joymie Arnaiz, Sweet Selma, Me, Marco Diala, Ching Sadaya, Mariana Varela & Toni Pino-Oca

By the end of the night, we received the wonderful news that the attendees would be given the opportunity to travel to various locations locally and internationally- for my group, the bright and sunny shores of Palawan!

I am super looking forward to this trip especially cause I’ll be with Alem, Dave & Yuno! Diet starts now.

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Can’t wait to vlog this!

Issa P.

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