Celebrate Christmas with Tatang’s Boneless Lechon







Nothing speaks of a good ol traditional Cebuano meal quite like lechon does. It doesn’t even matter if you just had lechon the other day, the reality is: if you see lechon, you’ll eat it. And lots of it. Because you are a Cebuano and it’s in your blood. You love it.

My most recent discovery of lechon places is Tatang’s lechon which is located in Lahug, across Pino restuarant. Having been my second time there, I was quite surprised to have missed their awesome menu during my first visit, which are different Filipino dishes that have been incorporated with lechon. It was very interesting to have had lechon wrap, lechon flakes, lechon with bagoong (my FAVE!!), lechon in lumpia and many more! Definitely something worth trying if you’ve had your fair share of lechon over the holidays but still don’t want to deprive yourself of this wonderful delicacy.


Lechon wrap

3 pieces – P 85.00

6 pieces – P 165.00


Lechon flakes 

Ala Carte – P 125.00

Value meal – P 95.00


Boneless lechon (@ various prices for regular and spicy)


Lechon kare- kare @ P 120.00


Lechon lumpia


Lechon dinuguan @P 49.00

Celebrate this Christmas with your loved ones together with Tatang’s lechon. For reservations, inquiries and deliveries call/ text 032-3164719 or 09175478561.

Happy feasting,


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