Chevrolet Cebu Opens New Service Center

Chevrolet Cebu is finding more ways for vehicle owners to find new roads. In a step towards providing their loyal Cebuano customers with better services, they have recently opened their newest service center which is located at No. 2, 3rd avenue, Sergio Osmeña Blvd., NRA, Cebu City.

Their newest branch which is well hidden from the bustling traffic of the city offers customers with a 2,500 meter location enabling a wide number of clients to be catered, a mess hall where customers can grab a quick bite to eat and an air conditioned customer lounge.

This is Chevrolet Cebu’s second dealership with their existing branch being at MC Briones in Mandaue. The decision to open a second branch was primarily to accommodate a large number of their customers located in the south in Cebu.

For more information:
Call – (032) 520 2288
Message here

Congratulations, Chevrolet Cebu!


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