Christmas Party with Team S.M.I.L.E

[Dress: The Maze, Ayala; Shoes; Payless c/o Sheen Judilla]
Sorry for the late upload! I caught the holiday fever and there are just so many things to blog about that I’m having a hard time keeping everything on track.
But I’ve saved one of my holiday highlights for last, our TEAM S.M.I.L.E. Christmas party!
I met Team Smile through a good friend of mine who recruited me to play Frisbee with them in 2011 and not long after that encounter, I met my current boyfriend and a great set of friends to match. 2 Christmases after, we’ve evolved into a group of about 30 people who I love to death.
with Cymbelline
Team Smile Girls (incomplete)
Kyna, Alana, Faith, Sheryl, Sheena, Cym, Me and Lor
Team Smile Boys (incomplete)
Ed, Stevens, Ari, Kevin, Sam, Ryan, Jesse, Mark, Niraj, Richard
Paolo, Tim, Brandon, Mark, Borga and his gun, Jiggy and Jem

Almost all of the
Sexy and Motivated Individuals Looking for Excitement (S.M.I.L.E)
To more late nights whether if it’s up playing Kinect, Mah-jong, Monopoly Deal or Apples to Apples. Or if it’s to watching the boys play counter strike, Dota, Heist while the girls drink and talk about fashion, hair, make-up or boys. To more Milktea, Johnny, Jack and Coke- To 2013, to Team SMILE!

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