Coke & Kimonos

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2015-03-23 03.52.42 3 There are so many things I love about Summer like how the sun is always out, glaring cats in the background of my photos and that I get to wear pretty pieces of clothing like this full length kimono from Let’s Stylize. But almost always, it’s definitely got to be the summery trends that always give a new meaning to my very existence.

I feel like the world is working hand in hand to make all my boho dreams a reality. Kimonos, fringe (or are they tassels?), hats of all styles and braided sandals are all the trend and even if it’s going to cause a massive whole on my wallet I still couldn’t be happier!

What trends are you looking forward to this sunny season? Let me know in the comments! <3

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 P.S. Decided to carry around a bottle of Coke to this shoot because it was impossible to stand under the heat of the sun without any refreshments. If you’re wondering where my straw hat went, I offered it to my yaya who was taking my outfit shots. She’s currently 5 months pregnant and I didn’t want to stress her out by making her stand under the heat of the sun with me. But it was perfect timing since Coke is always my go to drink during hot days and yummy meals! [P.S.S. This is not a Coke sponsored post!]

[Full length kimono: Let’s StylizeRomper: Department store find| Sandals: Francesca Collection




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