congratulations universe

There’s two types of people in the world,
the givers and the takers,
and the givers always sleep better.


it’s funny how sometimes we think happiness is completely based on one person. it’s funny how i seem to think that my life is just a little bit brighter and a little big happier just because he came along and made me laugh and smile. and i said i didn’t wanna be saved. tss. pathetic.

i don’t mind everything that’s been happening. i take it all with a grain of salt. besides, i’m not loosing anything – yet. lol. i guess like right now, i’m just scared that i’d loose what i lost before. i’m scared that i won’t get to hang out with my friends, i’m scared that i won’t be able to talk to kevin anymore and josh, i’m scared that i’d be tied down and i just don’t wanna live that life anymore, you know?

aside from the things i have right now and i’m scared of loosing, i’m also scared that someone might not take me for who i am. i don’t see anything MAJORLY wrong with me though. i mean, i’m just a girl who loves her friends, her individuality, her freedom, her rights and most of all hugs 🙂

blah. i don’t wanna think for the past.

i hate you, kev. last nalang ka and i will disown you as my best friend!

GO BACK TO SWISSTERLAND. hahahahahah. kidding 😀

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