Cotton Ball

My little cotton is a very interesting fellow. the first night he was here, he got out of his cage/ box and kept running around the room. out of paranoia that he would get hurt, as I had not fully hedgehog-proofed the room, I put him in him a bin so he would be safe.

The morning after he was extremely upset with me and he hissed, curled up into a ball and shot out his spikes at me. 

I worried the whole day anout him as I worked, even if I knew he would be asleep the whole day. I rushed home after all my meetings and was relieved to find this little thing in the same spot I left him in before I left for work.

Last night was different. he had figured out how to get out of his bin and spent the entire night running around my room which is safer for him to roam around in. I’ll get a real cage soon but I like this set up so far. I like giving him the freedom he wants especially in his waking moments..

The cutest thing about him is that he likes to sleep in my clothes… So now I leave a pair of shorts in his bin that he can hide in. I kind of liked those shorts… awh, meh.

No new photos of him today. I am in a hurry for a weekend packed with events. Yey! 

I am more than ok. 🙂

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