I am not mad at you and I never will be

Because let’s face it, we were great together

If anything, I am mad at myself

Because I let you walk all over me

And when we weren’t great, we were terrible

And I always let you get the best of me.



I can never be mad at you

Because for the most part, I am mad at myself

I am so mad at the things I never said,

For things I never got &

For asking for the kind of love you could never give me.


I will never be mad at you

Even when I am screaming and telling you to get away from me

Even if you are not with me

Because I will always be mad at myself

For asking for too much, for loving someone who could not love me

For driving myself here


But fuck it,

Maybe I am mad at you

Because you fucking broke me.


I can’t even finish this.

2 Replies to “D [ANGER] BDA”

  1. i’m sorry for your pain but i have to say… that’s a really good poem right there. =)

    p.s. we’ve all been there. i’ve been there. a friend of mine’s heart is breaking as i’m typing this. all i know is, at some point in your life, you will look back on this and you’ll realize how it’s made you a stronger and wiser person.

    hang in there. good things await. =)

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