degenerating. zZzzzZzz..

i just had to wonder but, aside from ian and kevin, who else reads my blogs? i wonder who’s read my emo blogs and talks about my random entries. roar. maybe i should stop blogging for the sake of it. nah. like i care. harhar.

anyways, my weekends have been composed of friends, family, internet, partying and drinking, and yes, i love it. harhar.

friday night:

bayot’s birthday, went to pod5. soo fun. then we went to sto. nino with carlow and ate bbq. midnight trip.

that’s not alchohol that arden’s holding, i swear 😉
and that’s not me

denial is the key factor ;P

stayed home all day then went to annie’s place that evening for the reunion of the 3 bangkok whoring bitches. lmao. mom, tita and other tita. watched the videos they took which was awesome. lmao. the place was ok, they had this fucked up gay show. god, gay people are fucked up. lmao. esp. the they’re prettier than most girls part. lmao. omg, manny pacqiao has another song – wtf. please stop. haha. and yeah, we drank… again. but mommy doesn’t know that i drank at bayot’s party. i get around things. lmao. i got tipsy too but i didn’t tell my mommy that either, what she doesn’t know won’t kill her. haha 🙂

nothing. stayed home. mom cooked. chatted with relatives from the states which was also awesome. haha.

don’t ask me about school. that’s why i’m blogging and partying as not to rem. lmao.

love ya!

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