do i make you nervous?

this sucks!!!!

despite feeling terribly lucky, i cannot keep myself from thinking that i have been terribly misfortuned. i can’t text and i barely get any signal in my room. i feel tested.

“you sound like you don’t wanna text

arggh, matey. this sucks. but whateve.

my grandmother called to tell me she has a pretty little dress for me. lol. i wonder what made her think i’d wear anything aside from black or white. haha. oh, my resolution. keep that in mind.

i hate mondays or tuesdays or whenever i get my allowance. it never lasts. i always spend it all on the first day.
i blame marc. he made me walk around ayala with no one to distract me. haha. i’m just kidding.

or am i? lol. seriously, i was kidding.

my parents want to know who my boyfriend is. they’re expecting me to admit that it’s francis too. they think it’s weird that i’m bringing him to my prom and vice versa. mag buot diay?! we’re cool. just not blazing. lol.

mama, palaw.

in the past few hours i’ve been over eating. WHO IS THERE TO BLAME?!

anyways, text twist is calling :*

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