do you even remember my name?

god, i wonder where that boy is and if he still remembers that i’m alive or that i’m living on my last few breaths just to hear him finally say that he doesn’t love me.

yeah, cuz that’s all i really need right now. THAT.

my day wasn’t that bad. i got to sleep on the bus and i had a very good conversation with sam and anne. thank you for keeping me sane for at least an hour and how many minutes. the best sanity i’ve experienced in such a long time. i love you girls for today <3

ok, so tomorrow the field trip to never never land. whoop-dee-doo. worst news is that we get paired up with sophies. great. cuz the last thing i need is to be stuck in the middle of two sophomores, not even beside the window. sheesh. in the middle row with gah. i won’t even think about it.

i’m bringing back up. my mobile. chips. my notebook. a jacket. a cap. shades. ipod. camera and a pillow. these are the essentials for tomorrow, folks. i’m not going without em. :p

so yeah, updates tomorrow. pray for me

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