Domestic Disputes

I have become the official psychologist of my parental/s (not saying which one/ones)

And I realize that you can be 26- 36- 46- 60 and still go through the same problems. Hopefully, in my lifetime, only once. Just this once.

I learned that we all have the same needs: love, affection, honesty, acceptance, grace, contentment and assurance whether from ourselves or the people we choose to be with.

Yes, choosing to be with someone or by yourself is a choice. I believe that now. But it is a choice your heart and your mind make collectively. Your mind may say be with this person because he/ she is good for you when your heart says something else- and if those two things don’t match… you gotta do what you gotta do.

I also believe there is no shame in giving up sometimes because it is in giving up that you are preparing yourself for something better. We might not know what they are right now but one day, we will and it will make all the struggles make sense. We decide what is best for us, through God’s guidance, and if we have to let go of certain things for it to be so, then so be it.

Lastly, I believe that we should not surround ourselves around people who bring us down or who put us in a weird place. Or people who do not put your mind at ease and cannot see the good in you.

I thank God everyday for the chances He has given me and the opportunities to make my life right. For giving me multiple restarts instead of game overs.

I feel like I have left a weird place and my comfort zone was always in my solitude and not allowing myself to be absorbed and influenced by others. I feel like I am here again, I am peaceful.

That was a weird couple of months… a weird year, in fact. Screw it, it’s been a weird life but it has been well spent, to say the least.

To more weirdness!

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