don’t you forget about me..

i’m wasting time right now and taking advantage of this glorious moment to blog.. because i can. lmao.

i’m at jy square waiting for my mom and my aunt to come so we can get my prom dress fitted. i’ve got my fingers crossed that my dress looks exactly how i’ve dreamed it to be. i’m so bored right now. it’s unexplainable. lmao.

but i did happen to have a pretty good morning, fun and spontaneous- just how i like my days.

nina woke me up pretty early and she begged that i’d go to cdu with her while she took her exam and i, with no doubt, said yes. i got to suprised james and hang out with my best friend. that was fun.

so far i’ve had:
a shake
fried ice cream [yes, fried]
and an ice smoothie.

i’m feeling drowsy. proli cuz i’m full.

i’ll be going back to SM in a bit and then me and james’ll buy my prom stuff and watch tuesdays with morrie, on account it’s my project.

i have a dinner party for layla’s 18th and a crazy, happenin’ all girls debut to go to, too.

this is the life. <3

james. please reply, you maniac!!

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